Signs that it’s time to relocate your business

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When owning a business, one should never get too comfortable. Every business owner should keep setting new goals in order to survive and prosper in today’s business world. When things are not going so well, a change of location might be a simple yet effective solution to your problem. And even if they are, relocating your office might still be a good idea that can bring many benefits to your business. So, here are some of the most common signs that it’s time to relocate your business and a few pieces of advice on how to do it efficiently.

The lack of space is one of the most obvious signs that it’s time to relocate your business

And this is a good sign. It is a sign that your business is growing, which means you are doing something right. Instead of making your staff work in cramped conditions, consider expansion. When estimating how much space you need, don’t just think about your current needs. Think a few steps ahead, so you don’t have to move again soon. If there is a possibility to expand your current space or move next door, go for it! This way, you’ll save money and time. Alternatively, consider having some employees work from home to save space or find a moving and storage provider to help you store some items thus making more space.

The location is inconvenient for the workers

Nowadays, a lot of people aren’t just looking for a good salary. They want the whole package. This includes a convenient geographical location. If your office is isolated, you’ll find it hard to attract/keep top talent. Therefore, you might want to consider relocating your business to an area that is easier to get to in order to. Perhaps the city center or some other place that is well-connected with public transportation. This way, you’ll make the commute cheaper and less troublesome for your workers.

You are too far from your customers

Businesses sometimes have trouble meeting their customers’ demands due to their physical location. If the majority of your customers live across the country, for example, you should start looking for an interstate transferring firm. We understand that moving to a new state is a large commitment and a drastic change, but it could make the difference between staying in business and failing.

The operational costs are too high

Some locations are more expensive than others. In the beginning, it may seem like a good idea to rent a commercial space in the hottest area in town. However, this often proves unnecessary, even harmful for your business. If the running costs of your business have become too big of a burden, this is a clear sign that it’s time to relocate your business to a more affordable area/building. In addition to rent costs, one of the biggest expenses for business owners are taxes. Moving your company to an area with lower taxes could save you a ton of money.

The environment is unhealthy

An unhealthy environment is one of the most alarming signs that it’s time to relocate your business. Dangers such as mold, insects and different repair issues should not be tolerated. It is your responsibility as a business owner to make sure your employees are comfortable. This will not only keep them from leaving you but also boost their productivity. So, if your current building is in poor condition, you should definitely hire commercial movers to help you out and head to your new address.

Your industry is changing

Staying in business requires keeping up with the changes in your industry. Your current location may have worked up until now, but what if that’s no longer the case? This is a sign you should take action asap. The switch to online shopping is one of the most common examples. If you are noticing that fewer people are entering your store and doing their shopping online, give downsizing a thought.

Tips for successful commercial relocation

As you can see, there are several signs it’s time to relocate your business and ignoring any one of them could lead to the kind of consequences every business owner wants to avoid. But, how do you approach commercial relocation? Depending on the size of your company and the distance to your new location, moving can be quite complicated and time-consuming. Here’s what you need to do in order to avoid wasting time and money.

  1. Announce the relocation to your employees. Explain the signs that it’s time to relocate your business and try to answer all of their questions. The sooner you tell your staff, the better.
  2. DIY business relocation is risky and often more expensive than hiring professionals. Hiring a company experienced in business relocation will take a huge load off your shoulders. The Verified Movers database has numerous companies to choose from. This is a great way to find the one that fits your needs.
  3. Get an estimate from the movers and plan your relocation budget on time.
  4. Make a detailed plan. Once you have everything on paper, it’ll be much easier to stay organized. The plan should include the following:
  • Directions to your new office
  • Expected downtime for business
  • The layout of the current and the new office
  • A timetable with moving dates and times
  • Workers’ responsibilities
  1. Get moving supplies. If you want to save money, try getting boxes and other moving supplies for free. On the other hand, if you want to save time and make sure your supplies are top-quality, purchase them from a reliable moving company – preferably the same movers you hired to relocate you.
  2. Packing and labeling office equipment and furniture is a very important step. You and your employees can do this by yourselves, but we recommend letting your movers take care of it.
  3. Professional movers can also help you with unpacking at your new address to speed up the whole process.